This site is dedicated to my grandfather, Валентин  Людвигович  Андерс (1879 - 1942), who was an etymologist and grammarian of the Russian language.

Valentin Lyudvigovich Anders

Valentin Lyudvigovich Anders (1879 - 1942) Author, scholar and founder of a Russian high-school in Harbin, Manchuria..

Valentin Lyudvigovich Anders (1879 - 1945)Valentin Lyudvigovich Anders (1879 - 1945)Valentin Lyudvigovich Anders (1879 - 1945)


V. L. Anders was born on October 2, 1879 in Radde (Khaborovsk) in the Amur Oblast of Russia. His father was named Ludwic Yulevich and his mother Olga Nikolaevna. In 1899 he graduated from a high-school in Zhytomyr. In 1903 he graduated from the Institute of History and Philology of St. Petersburg. He taught at a high-school school in Vladivostok until 1908.

In 1909 he moved to Harbin, a city in Manchuria founded by Russians only ten years earlier (1898) for the construction of the railway from Vladivostok to Dalian. Vladivostok is the last stop on the Trans-Siberian Railway. In Harbin, he opened the first private high-school. He was its director and published several books on Russian grammar and etymology. When he opened the school, it had 240 students, but in the next year, he only had 170, because of the "Great Manchurian Pneumonic Plague of 1910". In 1918 the school had a teaching staff of 22 people and 541 students. In 1928 the school was closed by the authorities. He opened another high-school in Shanghai between 1928 and 1929. He returned to Harbin and from 1929 and taught private lessons. He died there on November 12, 1942.

Russian books published by V. L. Anders

  • Синтаксис русского языка по новому правописанию - The syntax of the Russian language using the new orthography.
  • Этимологию русского языка - The etymology of the Russian language.
  • Учебник географии европейских стран - European countries geography textbook.

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